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CryptoCart makes crypto payments a breeze on WordPress with instant conversion and confirmations. It's secure, customizable, and ready to boost your online store!

Real-Time Conversion

Lite and Pro versions provide instant currency conversion, simplifying payment clarity for customers

Instant Confirmation

Both versions offer immediate payment confirmation emails, fostering trust and reliability.

Customization Options

Pro version grants access to action and filter hooks for tailored plugin adjustments.

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Growth With Our Plugin

Discover the power of CryptoCart to revolutionize your online business. With seamless cryptocurrency payment integration and advanced features, CryptoCart empowers you to scale your business rapidly and reach new heights of success.

Streamline Your Checkout Experience

CryptoCart simplifies the payment process, providing customers with a seamless and efficient checkout journey.

Enhance Security and Trust

With CryptoCart's trusted payment gateway, safeguard transactions and foster trust with your customers, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.

We deliver the best quality WordPress Plugin for your business

Instant Setup

Simple & Effortless Process

Setting up CryptoCart on your WordPress website is quick and easy. Follow these steps to activate the plugin, configure settings, and start accepting cryptocurrency payments hassle-free.

Step 1

Activate the Plugin

Simply install CryptoCart from the WordPress plugin repository and activate it in your admin dashboard's 'Plugins' section

Step 2

Configure Plugin Settings

Visit the 'CryptoCart' menu in your WordPress admin dashboard to adjust settings. Check the box to integrate CoinPayments, then save changes for instant application.

Step 3

Set Up CoinPayments Information

Go to WooCommerce settings, choose ' – CryptoCart' from payment options, and add your CoinPayments details for seamless, secure transactions.

Step 4

Complete Setup

With these simple steps, your CryptoCart plugin is ready to accept cryptocurrency payments through CoinPayments, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for your customers.

Plans & Pricing

Check Our Valuable Price

Choose the perfect plan to unlock the full potential of CryptoCart for your WordPress website With flexible pricing options and feature-rich plans, CryptoCart offers everything you need to revolutionize your online payment experience and scale your business effortlessly.

  • Unlimited Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Priority Feature Updates
  • Customizable Payment Gateway
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Integration with Popular Plugins
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Training Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions about CryptoCart to get started with confidence and clarity. Find answers to key inquiries to streamline your cryptocurrency payment experience.

How do I install CryptoCart on my WordPress website?

Follow our simple installation guide to activate CryptoCart in your WordPress admin dashboard and start accepting cryptocurrency payments hassle-free.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by CryptoCart?

CryptoCart supports a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, offering flexibility for your customers.

Is CryptoCart compatible with my existing WordPress theme?

Yes, CryptoCart is designed to seamlessly integrate with most WordPress themes, ensuring a cohesive and consistent user experience for your website visitors.

How secure are cryptocurrency transactions with CryptoCart?

CryptoCart prioritizes security with SSL encryption and fraud detection features, providing peace of mind and protection against potential threats.

Can I customize the appearance of the CryptoCart payment gateway?

Absolutely! Customize your payment gateway to match your brand's identity and preferences, creating a seamless and personalized payment experience for your customers.

What support options are available with CryptoCart?

Enjoy 24/7 customer support from our dedicated team of experts, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution to any queries or issues you may encounter.


What They Say About Us

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with CryptoCart.

Jennifer Lee

CEO of Tech Solutions Inc.

CryptoCart has revolutionized the way we accept payments. Its seamless integration with our website and top-notch customer support have made it an invaluable asset to our business.

Jennifer Lee

Alex Johnson

Founder of FashionFusion Boutique

As a boutique owner, CryptoCart has been a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface and extensive cryptocurrency support have helped us attract a new audience and increase sales.

Alex Johnson

Ryan Patel

Tech Enthusiast and Blogger

I've been using CryptoCart for my tech blog's merchandise store, and I couldn't be happier. It's easy to set up, secure, and offers a wide range of cryptocurrency options for my customers.

Ryan Patel
Sophia Garcia Sophia Garcia

Sophia Garcia

Small Business Owner

CryptoCart has made it so much easier for my small business to accept cryptocurrency payments. The customizable options and reliable support have exceeded my expectations.

Sophia Garcia
Daniel Miller Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

E-commerce Entrepreneur

CryptoCart has been an essential tool for my e-commerce ventures. Its seamless integration with WooCommerce and consistent updates make it a must-have for any online entrepreneur.

Daniel Miller

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